Wednesday, October 8, 2014  10 AM to 12 noon


Learn What Tools are Available at Georgia Tech


 10 AM             Welcome                                           Atrium

10:10              Group 1 - EM Tour -  1) TEM demo - room 180

                                                              2) SEM demo - room 181

                        Group 2 - XRD tour - room 135

10:30              TEM tutorial in seminar room (10 min.)

10:40              SEM tutorial in seminar room (10 min.)

10:50                                      Break

11:00              Group 1 - EM Tour -  SEM demo - room 181

                        Group 2 - XRD tour - room 135

11:20              TEM demo - room 180

11:40              SEM tutorial in seminar room (10 min.)

11:50              TEM tutorial in seminar room (10 min.)

 Transmission Electron Microscope: FEI Tecnai F30

300 kV high performance transmission electron microscope, 1.02 Å resolution

 Scanning Electron Microscope: Hitachi SU8010 

high resolution cold field emission scanning electron microscope, 1.0 nm resolution

 X-Ray Diffractometers: Room 135

Demonstrations on capabilities

Short lectures on basic principles

About our center:

The Center for Nanostructure Characterization (CNC) at Georgia Tech is a multi-user facility. Its mission is to provide the Georgia Tech campus with state-of-the-art electron microscopy tools.

we have around 300 active users every year from 11 units across the campus, including schools of BME, CEE, IBB, ChBE, Chem, EAS, ECE, GTRI, IPST, ME and MSE. The journal publications that have been produced by faculty and students, postdoc as a result of using our facility are more than 200 per year.    


About our instruments

Here in CNC we are running four SEM (LEO 1530, LEO1550, Hitachi S800 and Hitachi SU8010). The resolution of Hitachi Su8010 can reach 1 nm. Most of they have EDX attachment and can perform chemical analysis.

We have four TEM in the center. They are JEOL 100CX (100kV), Hitachi 2000 (150kV), FEI Tecnai G2 F30 (80kV, 200kV, 300kV), and JEOL 4000EX (350kV). The Tecnai F30 was installed in the march of 2012. The attachments on F30 include: STEM annular dark-field detector, Lorenz lens, electron holography Biprism, Gatan GIF system (Tridiem 863 UHS), Tomography holder (Fischione Model 2020 Advanced tomographyholder, single-tilt), Oxford EDX 6763, Gatan US4000 CCD ( 16 Million pixel resolution), double-tilt heating holder, double-tilt cooling holder.

The three X-ray diffractometers from PANalytical are: X'Pert PRO Alpha -1, MPD, and MRD.


The atomic force microscope Dimension-3100 and also some facilities for SEM and TEM sample preparation.


Thank you for visiting the Center for Nanostructure Characterization web site. We hope you find the information and resources you were searching for. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us by clicking on the 'CONTACT US' link above.

Address: PTB building, Georgia Institute of Technology, 500 10th Street, N.W., Atlanta. GA 30318

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